We are dedicated and committed to making a difference in peoples lives each and every day and treating people with the utmost level of respect and dignity.

Glenn Claflin
Information & Referral / Independent Living Skills / Peer Support / Advocacy

Leslie Dickerson
Information & Referral / Independent Living Skills / Peer Support / Advocacy

Amanda Landi
Youth Transition / Ticket to Work

Fran Sinish
New England Assistive Technology / Aging & Disability Resource Center

Joe Eckert
Operations Director
Money Follows the Person

Charlie Conway
Executive Director


The Disability Resource Center is a non-profit organization that advocates
and supports individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential. Our
services include, but are not limited to:

Information & Referral
Independent Living Skills Training
..Activities of Daily Living Skills
Peer Supp
nselors Providing Support from a Peer Prospective
..Helping Consumers Ensure that Their Vices are Heard
Youth Transition Program
..Helping Consumers from 16 to 21
• New England Assistive Technology
..Donation and Sales of Used Durable Medical Equipment
Aging & Disability Resource Center
..Helps People of all levels seek long-tern support options
Ticket to Work Program
..Helps Consumers on SSI/SSDI Return to the Work Force
Money Follows the Person
..Helps Consumers Move From Nursing Homes back into the Community

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Yohanna Williams

Fran Sinish

Amanda Landi

Larry Robinson

Leslie Dickerson

Glenn Claflin

Joe Eckert

Victor Xavier

Charlie Conway